Critics Slam British Columbia's Online Gambling Advertising

Published Monday, November 01, 2010 -

Advertising dollars are spent on the assumption that they are targeted and aimed at certain demographic segments. Usually market research goes into the building of an advertising campaign so that the expense is not a waste of time or money.

Critics of online gambling point out in no uncertain terms that they think promotion of lottery and gambling in general is out of control and the government agencies that are doing the promotions should be more vague about the products they are trying to sell and keep the advertisements directed at adults.

In a recent article in the Times Colonist newspaper from Victoria British Columbia Canada a person is very upset by the ads that the B.C. Lottery Corporation is presenting on television. The author says, “I find the advertising for B.C. Lotteries' online gambling exceedingly offensive. Advertising on television that targets young people, and young men in particular, is just as bad as cigarette ads that target young people”

The MayoClinic mentioned in the article states, with a leaning towards American statistics, "You may be more likely to develop an addiction to gambling if you begin to gamble at a young age. Compulsive gambling generally occurs in men ages 21 to 55, although the incidence is increasing among teenage boys. Far fewer women than men are compulsive gamblers, but women who do gamble may become addicted more quickly."
From a Canadian point of view, the article quotes, "Statistics Canada says that 6.3 per cent of people are thought to be 'at-risk gamblers and problem gamblers.'"

The government involvement in online gambling in the province of British Columbia does make a few people who perceive gambling as a serious social problem get concerned about where the moral line is drawn. Maybe the government should stop allowing car manufactures to make fast cars and promoting the sale of these vehicles to young people who drive them too fast and maybe even get hurt doing so. The fact that the government is involved at least gives the player a chance for a safer experience with back up social services in case of problems.


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