Costa Rica Licenses Totally Wicked Casino

Published Saturday, January 01, 2011 -

When a new product comes along in the internet gambling world some people sit up and take notice and give it a try. A new casino has just gone live from the jurisdiction of Costa Rica.
Totally Wicked Casino, owned by online casino operator Total E Soft Limited of the United Kingdom says it will live up to it’s name.
Total E Soft Limited is known for it’s suite of excellent casino games and turnkey solution. Packages from the firm are available at three different requirement levels, Branded, Total Branded and Professional.
All Total E Soft casino products come complete with over 100 unique casino games; full branding of both software and website to customized specifications; back-end access to view player and financial details and new games are added to the software on a regular basis without expense. The lobby area provides "Install on Demand” which is a system which downloads and installs new games in the background while the players continue to play games. Total E Soft accepts customers from every country.

The announcement from Totally Wicked Casino read, "The initial launch is just the beginning and January will see Totally Wicked Casino given a very special Mr. Wicked style facelift with characters and graphics from the Totally Wicked universe populating the casino. Following on in March will be a dedicated Totally Wicked Poker website. It is evident that Mr. Wicked and colleagues are really going places and they are keen to have all their friends along for the ride."
The statement at the press conference continued,  "Whether your chips are real or purely imaginary there is plenty of fun to be had at the tables and slots of the Totally Wicked-themed casino and you can pull all the poker faces you like without giving away your 'tell' as you pay or play for free."


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