Polish Online Sports Betting Regulations Revised Again

Published Friday, April 01, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

The online gambling industry in Europe has seen great changes over the last few years and there have been some surprising developments because of political intervention and compliance issues with the European Union rules. One example of sweeping changes is the law and attitude of Poland’s political leaders regarding gambling regulations.

The government minister responsible for new legislation in Poland is, Jacek Kapica, who is sure that the new Polish Gambling Act is going to come about although it has not been approved by the European Commission yet.
It has been speculated however that the European Commission is unlikely to approve of the new act because of certain provisions contained within it.
Back in November of 2009 the Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk said he was dead set on making online gambling a thing of the past in the nation.
It is 2011 and things are not much different, with Poland moving slowly towards regulated online sports betting while outlawing all other forms of online gaming in the country, including poker, and casino games. Deputy finance minister Jacek Kapica was quoted by the Polish Press Agency as saying: “I expect that the law will come into force in June this year. We will have the next reading of draft in the coming meeting of the Parliament, then the Senate and then after 14 days the Act comes into force.”

If passed, the 12% turnover tax introduced for offline sports betting in January 2010 would be applied online, with all licensed operators required to operate from dot.pl domains, locate their data servers in Poland and run all financial transactions through banks registered in Poland. EU-registered operators will not need to register a company in Poland however. The restrictions on advertizing for gambling and sports sponsorships along with the 12 % turnover tax will make some operators take a second look at operations in Poland fearing the new rules will make it difficult to profit in Poland.



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