Spain Attempts to Clarify Online Gambling Rule Revision

Published Friday, April 01, 2011 -

Spain as well as other European Union member countries is attempting to clarify its position on internet gambling. Amendments have been made to the proposed draft legislation regarding online gambling and in particular online sports betting.

The Spanish Association of Online Gamblers (AEDAPI) has made an effort to respond to the recommendations put forth in the amendments. Matters of concern for Spanish online gamblers include the impact of the proposed black period which will require applicant operators to stop offering services to the market until licensed and the requirement to locate data servers in Spain.
AEDAPI suggested the black period might encourage players to use illegal operators while waiting for the end of the moratorium period. In a statement the Association said, "Avoiding close of business will ensure that in the very first day the law comes into force, Spanish users will be playing in legal enterprises." On the point of mandatory server location being in Spain the AEDAPI was doubtful that this would be a good idea, arguing, the concept could, "undermine the attractiveness of the Spanish market."

The Association was positive about portions of the proposed act noting that calls for administrative licenses rather than a tender procedure was a good move advocated by a number of political groups. It also hailed the proposal to bring the tax down to a competitive level to as low as 10%.
AEDAPI president Sacha Michaud was optimistic although he acknowledged there was a substantial effort to be made before regulations were finalized. Michaud commented, "The fact that it has submitted a large number of amendments by the different political groups on the one hand indicates that there is still much work to do and, secondly, we're going in the right direction to build a positive framework."
The future Gaming Regulatory Act if approved will come into being by 2012.



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