Italian Online Gambling a Mature and Proactive Approach

Published Sunday, May 01, 2011 -

Italy has been on the forefront of the liberalization efforts to make online gambling safe and regulated  within the country. The success of Italy’s gambling industry is a mature and proactive approach to make the activity profitable and fair to all operators and customers.

Recently at the 23rd edition of ENADA SPRING 2011, an International Amusement and Gaming Show, an important initiative was presented by SAPAR. The Association for Public Hearing Sections Recreational Attractions (SAPAR), based in Rome, presented its awareness campaign entitled Affinché il gioco resti un gioco (As long as gaming remains a game), intended to safeguard minors and players. From the month of April, the 1,500 members will distribute the informative material throughout Italy, involving over 50,000 public venues. The campaign consists in a window sticker able to be clearly seen in public venues and the message that reminds that games with cash prizes are forbidden to minors. All this is accompanied by a code of ethics that commits owners to control behaviour in their venues and adhesives to apply in halls and venues in such a way as to be clearly visible by players.

In other news concerning Italian gambling, Intralot has for a second year in a row announced that its Italian subsidiary, Intralot Italia, will be a Gold Sponsor for a tennis tournament early next month. The “Internazionali BNL” Tennis Championships take place at the Foro Italico in Rome between May 7 and May 15. Chief Executive Officer of Intralot Italia, Enea Ruzzettu, commented,  “By sponsoring this event we aim at strengthening the connection between sports and gaming, which we have always supported. We want to situate gaming within a real entertainment area, so as to make it an enjoyable and responsible experience. Hence our idea of creating an entertainment area will promote both sociability and the new gambling culture that is gradually developing.”



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