Online Bingo Suffers Same Fate as Online Poker in USA

Published Monday, August 01, 2011 -

Most people have played the odd game of bingo at home or in a hall and some may have even tried the game online. Bingo like other games of chance offers a thrill when the numbers on the card coincide with the numbers selected and you hit that sweet spot and take home the prize.

Bingo online has become a favourite of the older set who find it a relaxing past time that is easy to play. Today bingo has found new blood in the younger demographic and has surged in popularity with the advent of internet bingo.
Now it appears as if the USA department of Justice has continued to shred the online gaming industry with a crack down on online bingo operators.

Those fans of online bingo logging on to  Funtime Bingo have found that the site has been taken over by the department of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security Investigations. The seizure of the web site notice is posted on the Funtime site with an explanation that the warrant was issued by the US District Court of Maryland along with the help of the US Attorneys Office.

Funtime Bingo has announced it has reestablished its web presence under a new and different domain location keeping members informed via their Facebook web page. There does not look to be any real concern for the seized site although this action does not bode well for other possible seizures of Bingo related online sites. It appears that this heads up at Funtime has prompted other online bingo operations to be on the alert and take actions to circumvent legal headaches with the US Department of Justice.
Recently the World Bingo Network revealed they were to close there entire network. A statement regarding the closer was posted on their site, it read; ‘It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of World Bingo Network and all sites. A challenging environment and circumstances beyond our control have made it impossible for us to continue operations. It is our intention to ensure that all players are taken care of and deposits refunded at the earliest possible time.’





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