Governor of Maryland Opposes Legalized Online Gambling in USA

Published Tuesday, November 01, 2011 -

America has a way of getting things done but sometimes the argument for and against takes a lot of time. The wealthy and powerful work hard to change things a little faster by using lobbying in high places and plenty of media exposure.
Donald Trump is a figure that’s larger than life so when he has an idea it gets national attention. Recently Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump are making their opinions known on the subject of legal online gambling. Ivanka who is ExecutiveVice President of Development and Acquisitions for the Trump Organization, has said, “It would be a tremendous source of taxable revenue for states or the federal government and an enormous generator of jobs,”

As with everything US there are two sides to this argument and Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley is one politician that is not convinced that the legalization of online gambling is a such a good thing. The Governor has sent a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee  members stating the possible negative impact of legalized online gambling on his State of Maryland.

O’Malley wrote to the members, “In Maryland, for example, federalized poker and casino gambling would put at risk the $519 million annually we generate from our state lottery — our state’s fourth largest source of revenue — and jeopardize the jobs and survival of lottery retailer, many of which are small businesses,” He continued, “Many of us in the states already face significant budget deficits. Federalizing internet poker and casino games would serve to widen these deficits — and therefore threaten our nation’s fragile jobs recovery,”
State by state the debate rages on in the USA. Some look at online gambling as a life saver but others want to keep the status quo. Governor O’Malley fears that passing of the Barton bill could draw millions of dollars away from schools and jeopardize the jobs of 500 employees who enjoy “good wages and benefits,” in the traditional gambling industry in Maryland.


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