Online Poker's Big Bad Image May Be Difficult to Shake

Published Sunday, January 01, 2012 -

Online poker has been the mainstay of many internet gambling operators and has received a great deal of press since it was first introduced to players not that long ago. Poker is big bucks for some and is a social event for many who enjoy the past time. The word on the net is that the days of the poker professional sponsored by the big card rooms has had its time and the recreational online poker player will dominate in the near future.

That being said it is interesting to see the actual amounts the poker professionals are earning from their winnings on top of the huge fees paid to them by their sponsoring operators. A recent article on the Calvin Ayre web site talks about the payout settlement one now divorced pro poker player relinquished to his ex wife. It was revealed that many thousands of dollars was paid to the pro every month. The numbers seem staggering by any ordinary standard.
Poker champ Jonathan Duhamel has found out the way to riches is not an easy one with the recent news that ex girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse was one of the four people arrested in connection with the home invasion and beating Duhamel experienced before Christmas at his residence in Quebec Canada.

The rocky road online poker has been navigating in the USA is one that has millions of players wondering what will happen next. The great debate whether poker is a game requiring skill and not just luck seems to have fallen into the cracks with the Department of Justice cracking down on the industry calling the Full Tilt Poker room fiasco a ponzi scheme of epic proportion. In the eyes of the ordinary person the idea of online poker has been portrayed as illegal and dangerous, an image that is far from the reality and  fun experienced by the average internet poker fan. Hopefully this portrayal of online poker won’t last too long and the average player in the USA won’t feel like a criminal every time they are dealt a virtual hand.

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