CEO of Zynga Suggests Real Money Internet Wagering In The Works

Published Thursday, March 01, 2012 -

Zynga’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Pincus while speaking to delegates at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference recently suggested that his online social gaming company could have a deal penned with a USA based casino to offer real money games on the net by years end. While not being too specific Pincus said he was, “definitely talking to all of the players that you would suspect.” Pincus went on to explain that the new offerings would see significant opportunities to excel in the industry, “You should expect to see us do a lot more than what you’ve seen in offshore casinos … The amount of innovation you’re going to see around gambling as an entertainment mechanic is going to be mind blowing.”

The talk could be pure hype but Zynga which has the number #2 iPhone game, #4 on the iPad, and #2 on the Android chart does have significant numbers to pull out serious profit as  online gambling is integrated into the Zynga portfolio.
Other companies are making large strides into real money social networked gambling. Electronic Arts’ subsidiary PopCap Games has made the foray into the world of internet betting. The Lucky Gem Casino contains seven varieties of virtual slot machines which for now only accept Facebook Credits, but PopCap is maintaining it will, “evolve Lucky Gem Casino to enhance the experience, add more games plus community features.”

Also the Slovenian software solutions provider ComTrade is now offering something new with a free-play Facebook Blackjack game for British operator PalacesLive.  ComTrade announced a  deal with Bally Technologies Interactive Initiatives in January that has seen the launch processed as planned.
As social networks continue to dominate the future of how people interact it looks as though  online gambling for real and not just virtual money will come to pass eventually. The combination is far too attractive for those in business not to exploit.


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