Three Winners Take Mega $640 Million Lottery Prize in USA

Published Sunday, April 01, 2012 -

People in the USA were struck by a strange reoccurring fever this week that brought them out in droves to convenience stores and lottery outlets to purchase a chance to win a massive estimated $640 million US dollars.

The winning tickets were purchased in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas according to lottery officials. The three winners will share the prize even though a big chunk of the cash will go to the government in the form of taxes. The small town in Illinois called Red Bud is buzzing with excitement after it was revealed one of the tickets worth an estimated $213 million before the tax was purchased with the quick pick facility in a Motomart. Maryland’s ticket holder does not have to be identified according to Maryland laws. This is probably a good thing because winners of prizes this big tend to be hounded and harassed by those wanting a piece of the sweet life. Even the store that sold the ticket has had media overkill with the manager saying “no interviews” to a crush of journalists. The store garners $100,000 just for selling the ticket. In Kansas there has been no information released yet but it will come as the pressure increases on the lottery officials. The winner there can also remain unidentified and so far no one has come forward to claim and secure the big cheque.

The last time a prize for a lottery got even close was in 2007 when the haul was split by two people from Georgia and New Jersey who shared the smaller but substantial $390 million worth of dreams. The odds of winning this big jackpot was 1 in 176 million and Americans placed approximately $1.5 billion on the counter to have that chance. Many lottery ticket buyers purchase a chance or two regularly but when the prize gets this big it triggers a dream factor that gets even the most conservative of gamblers into the mood to win.

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