FlyCow Games Pushes Past 200,000 with CasinoZone Application

Published Tuesday, May 01, 2012 -

There has been a great deal of interest of late in social networking and the online gambling industry and how the two will meet to form the largest market for punters on the planet. Most people already have some connection to facebook and the games available on the huge network and many are turning the pages and finding new ways to entertain themselves.

In just the last three months CasinoZone, a facebook application has surpassed the 200,000 mark of player installations. Developed by FlyCow Games Inc. the CasinoZone application has 130 proprietary casino games which is over three times as many games that any of the competing operators have to offer.

FlyCow is a social and mobile gaming company that has every intention of aim dominating the social casino games market by providing a connected social experience to its players. Employing real money experts and social media experienced professionals FlyCow Games is looking at the huge potential in the gambling industry and is preparing to take advantage of the opportunity. FlyCow plans to extend its offering beyond the CasinoZone product using iOS, Flash and the newest platform HTML5 to achieve stellar results for the player.

Christopher Kape, president of FlyCow Games commented on the growth potential, “We are excited to offer such a wide variety of games to the Facebook market,” Kape continued, “We provide an extremely entertaining and socially engaging experience for our customers which is the primary reason for our rapid growth.” Kape explained FlyCow’s success, “At the present moment we are very pleased with our growth figures as the company is doubling both its player base and revenue monthly. We are well positioned to take advantage of this developing market and to increase our penetration rates substantially,” Adding he said, “However, we are definitely not content to operate solely within a narrow niche. The convergence of real-money gaming, social media and mobile gaming represents a highly lucrative future in which we expect to be a major player.”

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