Draft Online Gambling Legislation Coming In Netherlands

Published Thursday, November 01, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

According to report in interGAME news the government of the Netherlands has every intention of regulating its online gambling industry and selling off its state owned monopoly on gambling. Last June an article appeared on the Public Gaming Research Institutes web site that outlined the possible models the Netherlands would use to comply and modernize their laws.

The Netherlands’ new coalition government revealed the draft coalition agreement recently which read, “We will modernise gambling policy. Online gambling, sports betting and poker events will be strictly regulated. Thereby we will reduce the illegal offer of gambling. Compliance with the licensing conditions will be strictly monitored.”

The government was expected to come to a conclusion regarding it gambling laws soon but now the new coalition is making changes that are at times restrictive. The Dutch Supreme Court ordered international online gambling operators to install software that would prohibit Dutch citizens from accessing their sites. Those online gambling operators who did not comply and remained accessible will be refused licenses in the new regulated market in the Netherlands. Many of the larger operators did comply and vacated the jurisdiction.

The draft legislation in the Netherlands is in the works and it is expected to follow the framework that Denmark has approved for the online gambling industry there. There is a flat 20 percent fee on gross revenue in Denmark something the operators and the European Commission agree on as being fair. The Coalition government of Mark Rutte will take the money from the sale of Holland Casino which has 14 casinos in Holland and a legal monopoly to help the finances of the country. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of gamblers ignore the current prohibition on online gambling in the Netherlands. The current government feels the people of Holland should not be restricted from enjoying the past time of online wagering that they already partake in.

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