Victoria Australia To Warn People About Online Gambling

Published Saturday, December 01, 2012 -

When a country changes the laws of the land to help its people save themselves from harm it is often thought to be a good thing. Certain rules regarding the gambling habits of Australians that have been enacted in OZ recently have turned out to be showing the fruits of their intent.

In July in the state of Victoria Automated Teller Machines were banned and the result has been a huge reduction in the amount of cash the pokie machines are consuming. Victorians spent $2.6 billion on these video poker machines last year alone that has been reduced by 6.7 per cent saving according to the math people pokie players more than $62 million. The government has experienced a reduce revenue stream for their cut of the poker machine trade.

The State Government is facing a $50 million drop something they say they are willing to accept and adjust for. Gaming Minister Michael O'Brien said, "I'd rather not take one dollar from problem gambling," O’Brien continued, "Not only is it a better position morally, but even economically when you think about the impact of that issue to the state. A short-term hit on the Budget can be more than made up by long-term benefit." The Government announced it will be banning pokies with earphones for the next decade. "To have people literally plugged in to pokies means they are shut off from the outside world, shut out from reality and their sense of time. It is designed to try and reduce their mental capacity to act responsibly."

All Victorian gaming machines will be retro-fitted with pre-commitment technology by 2014, a move which some detractors think is repressive although the government wants pre-commitment to be voluntary. A recent advertising campaign warning the population of the dangers of online gambling has seen great results too with a huge increase in helpline calls.

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