Online Sports Book Betting Not Always Perfect

Published Wednesday, May 01, 2013 -
Online Sports Book Betting Not Always Perfect

There are very few things that can destroy an internet gambling business as fast as distrust The word on the internet travels like wildfire whether the story is true or not matters little in cyberspace. The forums are everywhere on the net with every opinion on every topic at all times.

The recent post in Sportsbook Review’s web site has one punter speaking out saying “On Friday 26th April I placed a £20 bet at odds of 4/1 for Deontay Wilder to win a boxing match in the first round against Audley Harrison,” the post continued, “On Saturday 27th April, 70 seconds into the first round Deontay Wilder won the fight by knock out, the time was 20:48pm GMT. On Saturday 27th April at 21:54pm GMT Bwin cancelled my winning bet and refunded my original stake.”

After inquiring about the cancelled bet Bwin offered this explanation that they cancelled the winning bet because they believed the fight was scheduled for 12 rounds. Since it was a 10 round fight, all round bets were cancelled. The punter continued to voice the concerns of many who have had these sorts of glitches in their plan to bet. The letter on the web said, “10 round or 12 round though my bet was still for a knockout in round one,” The odds were correct as well. “Most of the other gambling websites were offering 4/1 on a first round knockout for Deontay Wilder, all of these other bookies can’t also have got the odds wrong. ”

This gambler is obviously seeing red for what may be a good reason. According to some critics of this particular betting services operator Bwin is said to have a history of closing accounts with no explanation and refusing further dealings with winners. Sportsbooks do have the right to void bets that are called really badly or other major mistakes. Choosing a place to put your money can be made simple by reading the reviews.

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