Federal Online Poker Proposal In US Congress

Published Saturday, June 01, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
Federal Online Poker Proposal In US Congress

Once again the issue of legalized online poker has surfaced at the Federal level in the United States. According to a recent report from the Reuters news agency online poker legislation is said to be gaining some traction in the US Congress.

It has been suggested that that Republican Congressman Peter King is about to launch yet another attempt at finding a federal solution to the legal online poker debate.

The Reuters article pointed out that the proposal was written to give terrestrial casinos a larger market in the online world. The legislation is needed to protect casinos from other initiatives by state governments that are considering the creation of interstate compacts. "Online poker would generate $10 billion in added revenues by 2017 if allowed by federal statute, according to the American Gaming Association. About $4 billion is now being spent for illegal sites," said the Reuters report.

It is obvious that there are extenuating issues in the USA that are hampering the passing of legislation that would bring a federal solution to the internet poker situation. Opposition from state legislatures & lottery officials is sure to prolong any debate regarding federal legalization. Congressional aides has said to the news agency that accompanying the bill from Congressman King, the Democratic Party Representative from Texas, Joe Barton, will also launch a proposed bill.

MGM Resorts financial chief Dan A'Arrigo recently was quoted as saying that Nevada may be too small a market for the company to invest in an online poker room, pointing to the benefit of a federal solution which would enable states to interact if they wished. The debate will continue as long as stake holders disagree on a practical formula for national internet poker legislation.

Native interests is a factor that has created issues for legalization in states such as California and others where the rights of Tribal casinos has been something law makers must consider.

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