Live Dealer Online Gambling Emerging in the USA

Published Thursday, August 01, 2013 -
Live Dealer Online Gambling Emerging in the USA

Online betting is fun and exciting for many reasons one of them being the great variety available in easy access formats. Each individual can choose where they want to go on the internet and play even customizing their own preferences on some sites. Virtual gaming even involves an avatar creation of your choosing with attributes that are unique to the player which brings another dimension to gambling online.

Live dealer casino gambling can be another rewarding experience that many enjoy. Live dealer casinos at European gambling sites have been a favourite spot for many who want a flutter. Recently live dealer sites have been emerging in the USA.

Most live online casinos offer three games and live dealer casinos are operated two different ways. Live dealer studio. This is virtual casino operated by trained dealers and croupiers. It is broadcast action from a studio that is open seven days a week twenty four hours. The other is a real casino which broadcasts from a real casino and you place bets on actual games being played by real customers. Games like Blackjack are different because you are not the person deciding to hit or stand. Roulette is exactly the same though live though. One of the advantages to playing at a live casino are the real time odds because there isn’t a computer calling the cards dealt or the ball position in roulette live casino action takes away any doubt in the player’s mind whether things are up and up.

Some disadvantages to playing at a live dealer casino compared to a regular online casino are table space is limited many because of the cost to operators a minimum bet for live games like Blackjack or Baccarat is usually $5. Most online casino gamblers are used to betting as little as $1 per hand. Another disadvantage is the pace of the play as the games are also much slower.

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