Facebook and Paddy Power Offer Online Sports Betting

Published Sunday, September 01, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
Facebook and Paddy Power Offer Online Sports Betting

The world is the marketplace on the internet and Paddy Power the iconic Irish gambling operator is taking that idea seriously. A recent report by the Sunday Independent news source revealed that Paddy Power and Facebook have partnered in a venture to offer online sports gambling to 2,000 players in Britain.

Patrick Kennedy the Chief Executive Officer of Paddy Power this about the soft beta launch being conducted, "We hope to launch more broadly in the next six to eight weeks depending on the learnings from that,"

Paddy Power has invested a great amount of time and money on the project realizing the potential market in Social media is enormous. A full year was spent developing the idea with a cooperative effort by technicians in Bulgaria and Ireland. The social network programming requires special interfaces to allow for real-money sports and in-play or mid game betting.

Paddy Power has struck a home run being the first online betting operator to accomplish this.

Kennedy also commented on the potential, "In the US alone, consumers spend what amounts to 100,000 years in one month on Facebook, and betting is an inherently social activity," "There's no doubt that the online consumer is consuming social media disproportionately,” he said, "People won't be able to see each other's stakes or their winnings, but they will be able to see if they choose to: bet selections you're making, the hot index of who's doing well, they'll be able to challenge bets, laugh at bets.” Adding, "It gives people complete flexibility on what they do or don't open up to,"

Social media has changed everything on the internet. Markets are not just about a geographic local any longer with online platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now considered potential market territories. Paddy Power has 10 million Facebook fans and 250,000 followers on Twitter. It also has a partnership with Twitter with prospects for future offerings there.

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