Lottery Gambling Giving Back Billions to Society

Published Sunday, December 01, 2013 -
Lottery Gambling Giving Back Billions to Society

The number of lotteries available on the internet is amazing and it is just a simple way to gamble without too much thinking and it is pure luck.

Almost every country has a national lottery although in the case of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom ‘Camelot’ it is owned by The Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan.

The biggest lottery prizes are mostly from the USA where a Powerball Lottery ticket worth $590.5 million dollars was held by one person, an 84 years old woman Gloria C. MacKenzie, who lived in Florida. After American taxes were paid she received $371 million dollars.

There are others too from America mostly with well over $350 million dollar wins from Mega Millions Lottery and Powerball.

Marketing the lotteries all over the world brings in millions if not billions to the advertizing industry. The lottery in many cases helps enormously in social well being and sports sponsorships.

In 2012, organizations such as the European Lottery Association members gave 20.8 billion euro back to society. Revenues generated by Lotteries in Europe are returned to the State budgets and the funding of causes of general interest, for the benefit of society such as the conservation of nature.

The European Lotteries Association’s mission is to promote the development and effective communication between Members, the European and international gaming industry, the institutions of the European Union and European Governments. Currently the lotteries of eleven countries in Europe are part of this organization.

The organization has many contributions and lotteries are probably the most important patrons of the arts in Europe. Throughout the EU, revenue from lottery funds helps to underpin projects in the field of culture and heritage on a sustainable and structural basis. An important part of Europe’s architectural heritage would no longer exist today were it not for the funding from lotteries.

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