Isle of Man Newspapers Award for Microgaming

Published Tuesday, December 01, 2009 -

Microgaming is well known in the online gambling world for it's interesting and creative software that performs flawlessly for the player and the operator. The Isle of Man located company has been on the forefront on the industry for a long time. Now and without surprise the firm is being honoured with the 2009 Isle of Man Newspapers Award for Innovation and Independent Thinking. Last year Microgaming's Chief Executive Officer, Roger Raatgever, was named Business Person of the Year and Microgaming received the Company of the Year award. In 2007 the New Business and Programme Development prize was awarded to the firm.


Microgaming has been lauded for it's efforts in promoting responsible gambling worldwide as well as locally with the establishment of the Microgaming Health and Care Trust. The company's research and development department have come up with many inventive 'firsts' for gaming enthusiasts. The Isle of Man became Microgaming's home in 2001. The island is known for it's intelligent work force with high IT skill levels. Mr. Raatgever, commented on the award, “We are honoured to be recognised for our innovation and independent thinking as these attributes have been central to our growth over the last decade.
"This award recognises our ability to harness the creativity and passion of our team to inspire the most inventive and cutting-edge games on the market. The Isle of Man is a dynamic place both to work and live, and is a leading jurisdiction in the e-Gaming industry. We are proud to call it home. We look forward to playing an ongoing role in contributing to the economic and social success of the Island for a long time to come.” The media recognition brings about a certain pride within the company as well as within the community that the business supports. Microgaming's success brings with it a prosperous outlook for the people of the Isle of Man.






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