Internet Filtering in Poland Includes Online Gambling

Published Monday, February 01, 2010 -

The Warsaw Business Journal recently reported there was a large scale protest being waged in Poland alleging internet censorship by the government. Thousands of web users have signed a petition addressed to President Lech Kaczyński, asking him to veto the government's gambling bill, arguing that the proposed law will restrict the freedom of the internet. Many groups have been vocal about the validity of the proposed new gambling laws that gives the officials of the government an increased level of control over internet use.

Filtering is a world wide issue that is on the agenda of every government and for those who believe the internet should be an open universe, it is matter of freedom. Similar to the internet filtering efforts by China and Australia, to name a few, the Polish proposition is based on a black list introduced by the Office of Electronic Communications as requested by the police and other such entities which may include church officials, internet providers would then be required to block the site. Various groups on facebook and other social networking venues have created a stir that is getting a lot of attention. Businesses such as internet providers don't like the obligation they have been given and have also formally informed Kaczyński of their displeasure. Representatives from other business and organizations have called the moves by the government as censorship and issued their letter of protest. In order to quell the community uproar Prime minister Donald Tusk has invited all those who have concerns over the propositions to an open debate both live and online. Polls have shown that people that are using the net tend to support the ruling Civic Platform Party so this is a way to keep those voters coming back. The Polish people are not ones to take things lightly, especially their freedom, so it will be a sure bet this will not be an easy ride for the politicians.


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