U.K.Firm Launchs Build Your Own Online Casino Games

Published Friday, July 02, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

The online gaming industry is always looking out for new ways to market it's products. One of the most interesting to come along so far is the advent of the create your own games programs. Meta Game Universal is one such company whose time may have come to provide such services.  Meta Game Universal's Cargo system was recently launched in a beta version claiming that it allows platform providers and operators to create professional casino style games without any particular programming experience.
The British company sees the future for the controversial product to be a good one because it is new and innovative. Online game developers feel the product has them on guard for patent infringements and copycats.
A spokesperson for the company explained that the system gives users everything one needs through a visual toolset, downloadable from the website. "By utilizing Cargo F, development timescales are reduced, costs lowered and differentiation in the market place becomes easy," "The online casino market is plagued with similar looking games; often to the point where players forget which website they are on. Developing good unique games has been an expensive and slow process, but CargoF changes that, and provides the ability to "Deep Rebrand" an existing game."
The spokesperson added, "It allows games to be produced which look and feel completely different, but which have the same game maths and underlying mechanics. This is radically different from the "shallow re-branding" available via standard re-skinning systems, where players can almost always tell that the game is a copy."
Meta Games Universal CEO, Owen Cullum, commented, "In today's casino marketplace everyone is struggling to differentiate themselves and game development difficulty is at the heart of this problem. Operators with the same content as everyone else will be inevitably involved in a classic case of a 'race to the bottom' and it's difficult to see how they will survive that process. CargoF will change things by enabling differentiation, faster time to market and reduced costs."


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