Victoria Australia Calls for Ban on Bets Involving Pakistan

Published Thursday, September 02, 2010 -

In sports there has always been the gambling element, whether it's the sport of kings, horseracing or a friendly basketball or cricket match, wagering can be the most exciting part of the game.
When things get heated so do the stakes and there are lots of desperate players who just what to make some cash from the game. Witness the latest in sports scandals the Pakistan Cricket team caught cheating to make some money.
This kind of thing gives the world of sports and gambling a bad rap. All it takes is one rotten apple to spoil the entire barrel and in this case the sport of cricket which has a following of millions of fans around the world.
In light of recent allegations that certain members of the Pakistan team were involved in match fixing during a test match against England, Australia's State of Victoria is considering a ban on all wagering involving the Pakistan Team. 
Tony Robinson, Victoria's Minister for Gaming commented that the Commission on Gambling Regulation in Victoria will conduct a review of the approvals for placing bets on matches that involve the Pakistan national cricket team.
Matches are approved by the VCGR that are controlled and regulated by international authorities.
Robinson feels the move may be necessary to protect the citizens of Victoria from threats such as this, and put back a system that has betting integrity.
A U.K. newspaper revealed on tape an agent accepting money in return for fixing the match.
Robinson speaking on the fairness in sports betting said, "Recent allegations about the Pakistan cricket team mean we can no longer draw that conclusion," The Minister added,
"Because of these disturbing claims, it is necessary for Victoria's gambling regulator to confirm that continuing to allow Victorian betting providers to offer betting on any cricket match that involves Pakistan is fair and appropriate,"


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