Montreal Mafia Members Plead Guilty To Illegal Online Book Making

Published Saturday, October 02, 2010 -

The God Father of movie fame depicting the mafia as an organized bunch of criminals with a sort of romantic flare is not really what the mob is all about. They are real and brutal and do a lot of harm to those people caught in their sphere of influence. Gambling has been the mob's own domain for a long time and everyone knows that Las Vegas was basically created by the group.

Canada is no exception to the mob's world of crime and corruption and lately has been a place that has seen some illegal activity in the online gambling industry. Canadian law enforcement has made some progress in rooting out the bad apples and making online gambling a safer environment for all punters.
Ten individuals pleaded guilty recently to charges stemming from an illegal online sports gambling operation. The majority of which pleaded guilty to charges of illegal bookmaking.

The bookmaking operation was using the Internet taking in as many as 800,000 bets over a seventeen month period. The profit from these wagers totalled almost $26 million, creating one of the largest illegal online gambling operations in the world.

Mafia members from Montreal Quebec took the bets and ran the funds through their system making a percentage on all the transactions they handled. Agents who took the bets were protected by the organization and those players who refused to pay their debts were persuaded by the mob enforcers. Betting was done on a variety of sporting events, such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

The mafia bosses face other charges in regard to the illegal book making activities. In addition to the bookmaking charge, Domenico Velenosi and Carmelo Cannistraro also plead guilty to the more serious charge of committing a crime for the benefit of a criminal organization.

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