Washington State Authorities Have Poker Players in a Bind

Published Tuesday, November 02, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Washington State USA has become a difficult location for poker players and as it turns out anyone connected with the processing of funds associated with the activity.
Authorities in western Washington State have clamped down on gambling in the last few years and especially targeting online gambling and the businesses that process money for those operations.

As sting style undercover agent for the Federal government made a 200 dollar wager  with UltimateBet in June of 2009 which led the  prosecutors in Seattle to seize $553,000 from a company alleged to be making the transactions for online gambling sites and customers in the State.
Secure Money Inc., which has offices in Las Vegas and Tampa, but is supposed to be based in Canada, is reported to have issued more than 5,500 cheques totalling $2.7 million between June 2009 and January 2010, bank records allegedly show.

A few, seven in all, Washington State residents are also named in the legal action with allegations that they received funds from online gambling sites during that time period.
The transactions were listed as "payroll payment" which under federal law is a violation of money laundering statutes and a serious offence. It is not known if other funds were transferred for UltimateBet. 

Joe Brennan, Chairman of the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, which has taken on some other legal cases such as the ongoing big domain case in Kentucky, said, "This illustrates pretty clearly why poker players and other online gamblers have to take a better look at exactly what are the politics behind this issue in Washington. While everyone couches this as the Democrats are for and the Republicans are against internet gambling, the Justice Department and a Democratic administration have not slowed down one bit."
Poker players are now in bind with possible charges looming over their heads if they withdraw money from their accounts. Another gamble and one that some feel isn't worth the risk. 


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