Titan.fr Poker Room Opens for Business in France

Published Thursday, December 02, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

The recent opening up of the French online gambling market has created a lot of excitement in the gambling community and so it is good news to hear that Titan Poker has gained a license to operate it’s poker room in the French jurisdiction legally.
The country’s regulatory authority for online gaming, (ARJEL), or Autorite De Regulation Des Jeux En Ligne has granted Titan.fr the right to offer their services within France.
The owners of Titan.com poker room which is touted at times to be the third largest in the world, French company The Nation Traffic SAS is very pleased with this announcement. The Nation Traffic is a Shares Simplified French company. Founded in 2010 with the sole aim of becoming a regulated gambling and betting operator in France.
Titan.fr is up and running with a welcome message that reads, “We are pleased to announce the imminent opening of the new flagship site for online games,” proudly saying, “On 18 November 2010, the Regulatory Authority of online games has issued an approval for Titan.fr poker.”
Benjamin Issembert, president of The Nation Traffic SAS commented that they will create both player promotions and affiliate programs for the Titan.fr site in the near future. Commenting on the significance of the French Domain name for Titan poker at a press meeting Mr. Issembert, said, the new license represents a “stage in the process of expanding competition” in the growing French market for online gaming applications.
Issembert added with certainty, “We are confident beyond any shadow of a doubt that we will succeed … in the French poker market,”
Complying with the strict laws for holders of online gambling licenses in France The Nation Traffic SAS has put in place safety measures to keep cumpulsive or addict gamblers from playing out of control. The company released a statement that it would provide players with the means to monitor their activity and limit or curtail playing on the site should tell tale signs of problems appear.



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