Greek Bricks and Mortar Casino Sues Online Operator

Published Thursday, December 02, 2010 -

It didn’t take very long to see the war begin in earnest between the land based casinos and the cyber based casinos. The Parnes Casino filed a lawsuit against the holding company of for breaching the community laws of the EU.

The brick and mortar casino located very close to Athens has decided advertising on billboards throughout Greece and the Balkans for will result in the direct loss of benefits to the Parnes Casino. Master Media which is the company hired by are forbidden to place any new advertisements as the site accepts wagers from Greek citizens and according to the new legal framework this is prohibited without authorization from the proper Greek authorities.

The government has ordered the immediate withdrawal of all the ads and denied any future advertising licenses for the company. In addition the host advertising company Master Media Systems was fined three thousand Euro for every violation within Greece. This move comes as a surprise to many followers of online gambling politics around the world. The subsidiary of 888 Casino managed to become a brand in Greece in less than 6 months with massive ad campaigns that told the gambler they could play from home and have a lot of fun doing it.
Government authorities are now more vigilant about which side of the read their butter is on. Internet gambling revenues are leaving Greece quickly with the Greek gambler preferring to play at home. Authorities in Greece are just trying to protect their existing tax base from brick and mortar gambling establishments. Unfortunately the word is out that online casinos are available and are become more popular by the day. In all likelihood the Greek gambling public will not go back to the casinos on the ground but will continue to play online.


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