Texas Holds the Key to Online Gambling in the USA

Published Sunday, January 02, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

The laws regarding online gambling in the United States of America are still up in the air sort of speak. Various states have been forming their own laws and are very close to regulating online poker and other casino games specifically to augment their failing revenue sources experienced during the recent economic meltdown. California and New Jersey are getting on the bandwagon and can see the need for a regulated and licensed system to accommodate the already big internet gambling public.

There are missing pieces to the legislative puzzle as governments struggle with the need for cash knowing full well there are millions of American dollars flowing offshore to online gambling operators located in other countries.

A question arises as to which state in the USA will create the critical mass required to make the federal lawmakers stand up and vote for a change in the current prohibition on online wagering. Texas may very well be that place. Lawmakers are finally looking at the idea of casinos and gambling. The state Legislature will see several casino gambling bills in 2011 and if they are approved it may send the signal to other conservative states that it is time to get serious and give the people what they want.
Texas is a hold out on the moral front and has defeated all propositions to change the gambling laws there. In contrast California, already has lawmakers pushing for online poker regulation. It appears that California will pioneer the online gambling regulations.
New Jersey also is pro internet gambling and has proposed laws allowing it to take place in Atlantic City which has been struggling financially for the past few years.

Texas is very conservative so if that state sees that they need to get up to speed with laws regarding gambling and the internet poker trend then the message will be sent to the rest of America that the future has arrived and money can be made from it.





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