MBA Online Betting Made Easy with Sporting Solutions

Published Saturday, April 02, 2011 -

The Business to Business wing Sporting Solutions, of the U.K. based Sporting Index Group, announced recently and ahead of Major League Baseball’s season start that it will be offering in-play price coverage. At the height of the season the service will feature as many as 60 Major League Baseball games in play every week. It features nine separate markets, all updated in real-time and with super fast response times.

Sporting Solutions will provide a unique perspective which combines algorithmic modeling with trader expertise. Business Development Director for Sporting Solutions, Dave Grogan, commented,  “From the first matches of the regular season, which begins on Thursday 31st March, all the way through to the World Series in October, no other supplier comes close to our level of coverage. Grogan added, “Our partners generate great business from baseball, and our US sports service in general. We offer sports books a quick way to offer a world class US sports in-play service. Our expanding baseball provision demonstrates the industry’s voracious appetite for North American in-play sports.”

Sporting Solutions covers more than just baseball offering the unique trading and pricing service to twenty other sports as well. Sporting Solutions service allows bookmakers to outsource their in-play betting. Benefits from the service provided include increased profitability – additional in-play markets with keener pricing drives betting activity and delivers improved player retention for a more complete offering.  Reduced costs – No requirement for additional trading staff to offer a new sport, and no need to employ traders through the night for sports outside time zone  Fully managed solution with all live events are monitored in real time by a Sporting Index trader so price changes are verified by a real person and not just an algorithm.  A fully configurable Odds Interface is provided as standard and 100% prices are supplied allowing clients to decide what over round to bet to. There is also 24/7 technical support and assistance.



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