Intrastate Online Gambling in Washington D.C. In Jeopardy Again

Published Saturday, July 02, 2011 -

Online gambling in the USA has been taking a roller coaster ride in the last year or so with propositions being approved and then vetoed and the Department of Justice putting the screws to online poker. Washington D.C.’s attempt to legalize online gambling within the district has had a bumpy ride from the very outset. Now it appears the proposal to bring intrastate gambling to the area has hit another snag.

It was announced recently by the Attorney General of the District of Columbia Mr. Irvin Nathan that the  District’s plans are in compliance with the federal laws regarding internet wagering. Congress has been allowed a reasonable length of time to make a decision but has yet to come to the table with an opinion on either side of the fence.
Following a public meeting recently concerns were expressed over the rapid rate that the proposal is shaping up. DC Lottery officials plan to consult with the public about the situation. The plan which includes the establishment of wireless access points or WiFi hot spots across the district has brought about the need for more public input.

The initial plan was to establish WiFi connections in and around public buildings and commercial locations like hotels and bars. Concerned citizens were alarmed by the use of public buildings.  Buddy Roogow, Executive Director for the DC Lottery called the perspective, “an umbrella of misunderstanding,” Roogow said these access points would be, “an Internet connection for a specific location to offer Internet service, and on that internet service would be”
Roogow continued to explain that “hot spots will not be approved until all input from the community has been received and evaluated …” If Washington succeeds by the September 8th launch it will be testament to a persevering group of politicians and officials who want to be the first US location to offer legal online poker and gambling.




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