Responsible Approch to Gambling Best Says French Study

Published Sunday, October 02, 2011 -
Responsible Approch to Gambling Best Says French Study

Most societies have issues with pastimes that don’t fit in with the normal everyday run of the mill hobbies. Punting, wagering , gambling, betting, whatever you call these forms of entertainment it causes some people to think the worst will befall anyone who ventures into that realm. For others who are secure and know their gaming limits it is an exciting and entertaining way to spend their time and money.

France recently liberalized their online gambling industry and have had great success rolling out their regulatory platform and rules of engagement for operators and consumers alike.

A recent study has been released by the French government conducted by the French Institut National de Prévention et D'éducation pour la Santé (the National Institute of prevention and health education) and the Observatoire Français des Drogues et des Toxicomanies (the Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction). The study observed that a very small percent only 1.3 percent in fact of players displayed any problem associated with gambling. Drug use, alcohol abuse and smoking were habits that went with those who also had issues controlling their gambling spend.

A casual approach to punting whether it was on the lottery, playing poker, blackjack, or other skill related card games was the norm for 98.7 percent of the French population.

Disposable income was used responsibly by most of France’s wagering millions, who a set aside a certain portion of their incomes for entertainment purposes such as holidays, dining out or taking in the latest release at the cinema. The French viewpoint for the majority was that gambling can only be addictive if you let it take over your life. Being responsible means prioritizing ones needs and making a mental note of your preset limits when it comes to entertainment and fun. Finding a balance of activities that includes family, friends and personal development is the key to a fulfilling and satisfying life, and the French seem to have that figured out.


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