IOC Co-Ordinates Efforts to Stop Illegal Betting on Sports

Published Monday, January 02, 2012 -

The senior International Olympic Committee member in Australia Kevan Gosper told reporters recently that in his opinion illegal wagering on sports could pose a more serious threat to the integrity of international sports than illegal use of banned substances. He said, "Illegal betting is potentially a worse assault to the standards and quality of sport than doping because of the volume of money involved,"

Gosper was quoted in the Australian as saying, "It is not a new phenomenon but it is now becoming a serious concern," adding, "It is evil in nature and the process can be corrupting to the individual, risking their sporting careers and threatening the proper outcome of fair competition. Law-enforcement authorities are far more concerned about illegal gambling issues than the drug issue."
Sports Minister Hugh Robertson speaking to the press also warned that match-fixing could be the biggest threat to the reputation of the London Olympics. The IOC is staging one of the most extensive campaigns prior and during the London Games in July to combat any match fixing attempts. Not only has the IOC been on the look out for anything suspicious since the Olympic Summer Games in China in 2008 but has stepped up efforts to monitor betting activity for the event in London.

The Swiss-based company International Sports Monitoring is actively on board monitoring all wagering and possible match fixing opportunities. Of the 26 summer sports in competition at the Olympics it is the team sports that are the most vulnerable to match fixing and illegal betting. Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee president said recently, the efforts to protect the integrity of sport was one of the most important developments in the organisation last year.
The IOC met in Switzerland recently to discuss a co ordinate approach from international law enforcement, governments, and sports, organizations in combating corruption in organized sports.




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