Long Awaited Online Poker Study Released by RealMoneyPoker.org

Published Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Long awaited online poker study released by RealMoneyPoker.org

There has been a very interesting and long awaited study released by RealMoneyPoker.org. It focuses on the prospective outlook of legal online poker and leaves the reader with a positive however modest impression of the future for the industry. Online poker has been a matter of debate, study, and research on a global scale due to the changes and demands of players as the Internet has grown in recent years.

The realities of human nature and the desire to gamble has its supporters and detractors, has its pros and cons for governments and when combined with the growth of the internet, the discussion has been immensely complicated and one might say problematic. The intricacies of bringing it into law and imposing regulations and controls have had politicians, the media and the public in a whirlwind of debate that has differed from country to country and state to state and in the US, president to president.

Following the release of ‘Global Gaming Outlook’ by PriceWaterhouse, another large manuscript that predicted the growth of online poker into 2015, the study by Real Money Poker provides interested parties with well-researched reading. This current document by Real Money Poker, of which some may claim is more of an, ‘encyclopedia’ deserves praise for its thoroughness.

From the US wire Act of 1961 to the US ‘Barton Bill’ the study delves into all the historical basic details to provide a retrospective of the industry. From the UK, the European Union with countries like Spain and Germany to name a few, the outline of best practices for online gambling issues are laid out for all parties to become knowledgeable and thoughtful about.

Emphasizing the current licensing practices of some US states and of course mindful of the climate in the US with regard to the upcoming Presidential elections readers may still see hopeful signs for online gambling’s future.

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