Washington, D.C. Online Gambling Legislation up for Full Vote at Council

Published Thursday, February 02, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Washington, D.C. Online Gambling Legislation up for Full Vote at Council Yesterday, in Washington DC., the Finance and Revenue Committee voted 3-2 to send a controversial ruling regarding online gambling through the city’s lottery system, authority to send it back to the drawing board. The Internet gambling legislation is now up for a vote of appeal when Full Council next meets. A Council member, Michael A. Brown, was the one council member who initiated the Internet gaming addition to the December 2010 budget bill and it was passed. Yesterday, he defended the legislation at the Finance and Revenue committee meeting. As mentioned in the Washington Post, Brown believes if casinos get their way, Internet gaming "will be federalized" and D.C. "won't get any of the revenue." Council member Tommy Wells, (Democrat Ward 6), spearheaded a repeal bill in response to complaints about the contracting process and the lack of public hearings on the program before it became law. Along with several colleagues he explained that they could not have known they were authorizing first-in-the-nation online gambling when they signed off on the city’s lottery contract with Greek vendor Intralot in December 2009. Council member Jack Evans, (Democrat Ward 2) being an opponent to the legislation and the program, known as iGaming, has been quoted, "It gives [council members] an opportunity to vote up or down with full knowledge of what they're voting for." According to The Washington Post, the full council vote could happen as early as next week, and nine of the 12 council members are leaning toward a vote for the repeal but Brown is planning to reintroduce his legislation if the repeal vote is successful. Although the community in general according to Council Member, Muriel Bowser, isn't necessarily opposed to Internet gambling there are some activists in opposition. Marie Drissel, a D.C. resident is one such activist and regarding the bill says, “I feel like this Ferrari hit a brick wall at 200 miles per hour.” After the vote she said, "We're going to put the brick wall back up if Michael Brown comes back with the same type of legislation."

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