Online Betting 888 Casino Redesigns for a Simpler Faster Experience

Published Friday, March 02, 2012 -

888 Casino is fully licensed through the gambling authority of Gibraltar and continues it excellent reputation as a safe and secure online gambling web location. 888 Casino has recently announced the launch of  a newly renovated and revamped web site designed to enhance the gaming experience by making the site more personal. The redesign allows for much more flexibility in the visual aspects of the virtual casino letting customers create their own unique environments. A spokesperson for 888 Casino says this is the only online gambling operation that allows the player to become familiar with their own style of play and favourite elements within the site. Recently enjoyed games are saved automatically giving the player fast access to previously stimulating venues and action.

Erez Sadan, Vice President for B2C at 888 Casino said, "Our new 888casino provides players with all the cutting edge features necessary to enjoy brilliantly simple and realistic online casino at every level, adding to high quality experience that players have come to expect from our software,"
888 Casino prides itself on it’s longevity and player retention levels. Launched in 1997, they have stood the test of time creating one of the largest online casinos ever. Quality entertainment, a trusted site and safe haven are the key components that set them apart from the rest. They have also not forgotten about the employees and share holders, giving them the opportunity to thrive. That could only mean one thing to the player, excellent customer care.

888 Casino’s Random Logic Software has been in the business of online casinos since 1997and with over 20 languages to choose from, they have reached players across the globe. 
Sadan,went on to explain, the latest web and design technology makes the new 888casino software simpler and faster: the software provides a smooth transition from easy tab-based navigation to opening multiple games in parallel, which now includes a higher screen resolution allowing vibrant graphics with clear wide and HD screen viewing.


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