Debate in Barbados Over Casinos Includes Online Gambling

Published Monday, October 01, 2012 -

A recent article in a Barbados newspaper talked about the different forms of gambling and the debate that surrounds the building of casinos on that small island situated on the outer most rim of the Caribbean Sea. The debate pointed out the god the bad and the ugly aspects of gambling and how the upstanding Barbadian people are obliged to regard all such activities as bad. The author points out that casino games are considered worse than the local bingo or the betting on sports that goes on everywhere.

The religious aspect is strong in Barbados with strong words coming from Dr. John Holder, Archbishop of the West Indies and the Bishop of Barbados who was quoted in the press as saying, the ‘get rich quick’ mentality encouraged by gambling goes against God’s intention that ‘by the sweat of his brow, man shall eat bread’. Adhering to the scriptures is what church leaders do and the Church in Barbados is no exception but limited. The article does ask many questions such as why are slot machines considered alright whereas black tables and other casino games are taboo. The religious leaders seem to turn a blind eye when it comes to the gambling that is legal in Barbados.

The interesting part of this debate is the online gambling issue where the author also points out that anyone with a credit card and a computer can gamble on just about anything they wish in the comfort of their hotel, beach hut or home. This is the current reality which officials on the beautiful island have not been able to do anything about.

The Attorney General of Barbados Adriel Brathwaite, pointed out in Parliament recently, that there are a number of national institutions which benefit from the proceeds of the legal forms of gambling, lending gambling an air of respectability.

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