Chinese Authorities Crack Online Gambling Ring

Published Friday, November 02, 2012 -

According to a report in Thailand’s Bangkok Post there has been a major bust of an online gambling operator in China. State media in China revealed that authorities have curtailed what is being called the biggest illegal online gambling ring China has ever seen. The gambling outfit is reported to have transacted as much as $11 billion dollars in wagers while it operated under the radar of the law.

The Global Times newspaper reported the Shanghai police broke up the operation which ran a web location that linked players in China to offshore online gaming sites that offered football and other sports betting as well as cards and casino games.

The Shanghai police rounded up as many as fifty individuals and seized more than 13 million Chinese yuan in the process of the three month long investigation. China’s official Xinhua news agency confirmed that the gambling website used servers based on foreign soil while its more than 20 allied websites were mainly based in Southeast Asia.

Qu Weifang, the man in charge of a Shanghai police unit dedicated to cyber crime told the Global Times news, "The ring had a very bad effect on society," Weifang continued to add, "We have found office workers and university students who have gambled away all of their money." According to the various reports the ring was operated by Chinese nationals situated offshore. China has a strict policy regarding internet gambling which is prohibited and has severe penalties in place.

This policy is in major contrast with the casino action available in Macau where some of the biggest casino operators in the world enjoy a booming business which has even outpaced Las Vegas in growth and profits. The efforts of Chinese police are considered small in comparison to the reality that exists in huge population in China. Technical advances makes it difficult for police to detect these rogue operators.

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