Online Gambling Advertizing Growth Expected in USA

Published Friday, November 02, 2012 -

One of the online gambling industry’s benefactors is the advertizing industry. Internet businesses need to get their information to the consumer and to do this advertizing is required. Whether it is print television or other media the online casinos and poker sites use a great deal of advertizing to get their services known.

The casino and hotel operators in the USA are gearing up to sell online gambling to the public. The need to be prepared for the eventuality of internet gaming is paramount in the race for market share of this lucrative market.

The spend on advertizing is already enormous as hotels and casinos compete for the consumer dollar at a fantastic pace. The newly licensed operators in Nevada are looking to spend between $3.5 billion and $4 billion usd on marketing the new products over the next five years. Laws in the various US states are changing to accommodate the internet wagering trend which in turn will require advertizing campaigns to get the word out.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment is already prepared for the internet gaming swing as Mitch Garber, CEO of Caesars Interactive Entertainment and World Series of Poker explains, "Five years ago, the combined spend of all onsite-based gaming companies in online advertising was very small, limited to SEO for attracting visitors to book hotel rooms online and to come to the website," Garber, continued to add, "It's changing dramatically. ... There's no question that as an industry we'll be spending more time and money on interactive advertising."

Garber also talked about his experience in the U.K. where online gambling has been legal and licensed for years, "TV was the biggest creator of new customers." "We're not going to do away with magazine, TV and billboard advertising, but we'll be a lot more creative." That creativity will be aimed at the youthful demographic because surveys are pointing out it is the young who are more tech savvy, mobile and have time to play.

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