Asian Online Threat of Match Fixing Has Interpol Working

Published Sunday, December 02, 2012 -

Asia is the golden goose when it comes to online gambling and the golden egg has yet to be hatched. The new found wealth in Asia is looking for more exciting times than just working out at the gym or sightseeing in Beijing. They Asian people love to play games and wager a little money on lucky numbers or sports where the competition is fierce.

Enter the dragon as the saying goes when organized criminals take the innocent punter and steal them blind. These destroyers of good faith and integrity prey on the most vulnerable when it comes to match fixing, players coaches and officials who are desperate to make money. Football has always been a problem with corrupt practices rife through the sport, and especially in the Asian jurisdiction.

FIFA and other organizations such as Interpol are collaborating with online gambling operators around the world to stem the reach of organized match fixing and the money that is made by unfair betting on the outcomes. FIFA identified Singapore as one place where the gangs are working together to fix games to their advantage.

Interpol assistant director for Integrity in Sport Mr.Michaela Ragg was specific when he stated, "Especially with online betting, everything has been made faster and easier... when there is a lot of money involved, the huge potential benefit does attract more criminals, it's logical. It might appear that Asia has a more important role to play but it's because a lot of the betting - legal, illegal or online - takes place here... but that does not mean it's only a problem for Asia and you can't say that if you do something here it'd be better everywhere else." Ragg was attending the Interpol Global Academic Experts Meeting for Integrity in Sports taking place in Singapore when he spoke off the record. He went on to say the Interpol program will help those who are vulnerable to the corruption by educating them of the new risks.

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