Super Bowl Online Betting Surging Forward

Published Saturday, February 02, 2013 -

Some call the Super Bowl US football match the most watched and gambled upon event in the world. It can be argued this is true for those who follow the process from the comfort of their living room couch online gambling is in the cards.

Betting on the big game is a given in the USA where it is mostly illegal to bet in any other state but Nevada so the verdict is still undecided whether this event is the biggest because most of the bets are under the table. In the record books last year’s figures revealed that the 184 sports books in Nevada wrote up $93.9 million in wagers. To put that number in perspective the NCAA basketball tournament turned over $100 million in wagers on 67 games. The American Gaming Association estimates that the legal bets placed in Nevada accounts for a mere 1.5 percent of the total amount wagered on the Super Bowl game. Although there is no one out there that actually really knows the true amount there is speculation the Super Bowl garners as much as $6 billion in wagers.

Others say the Basketball tournament exceeds that number two times. The Super Bowl last year was a stunner for many punters with glamour and a buzz seldom seen on game day. This year it is a little more straight forward with the 49ers listed as the favourites to win the big one. The Baltimore Ravens are the underdogs in this year’s game. A $100 money-line bet pays $155. Betting isn’t just about who will win or lose its also about the 150 to 200 proposition betting which goes from what colour the Gatorade splash will be to how many yards the quarterbacks will throw the ball.

The bookmakers say that only 20 percent of betting is related to the prop bets offered. Remember Super Bowl punters if you are in the USA the Department of Justice has said betting on sports anywhere other than Nevada is illegal.

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