Boxing and Online Betting Mayweather VS Guerrero May 4th

Published Thursday, May 02, 2013 -
Boxing and Online Betting Mayweather VS Guerrero May 4th

This weekend May 4th at the MGM Grand Arena will see some top notch boxing with the big event matching Floyd Mayweather against Robert Guerrero. Mayweather accepted Guerrero as the 44th opponent of his career. Until now Maywather has managed 43 fights with a 100% winning career. On the other hand Robert Guerrero has 31-1 career and they are going to present an awesome battle.

Mayweather has been out of the ring for a whole year so it will be interesting to see how conditioned this 36 professional boxer still is. The conditioning factor will keep Mayweather from letting Guerrero get too close. Guerrero’s strategy will pay an important role if he hopes to find an opening in the defensive wall Mayweather has developed. Guerrero has to find a pace that he can sustain against his more experienced opponent.

When you examine the excitement level for this fight with WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and six-time World Champion, Robert Guerrero there will be some book making going on.

Mayweather, the five-time division champion who served a three-month stint in prison last year for domestic violence, is relishing the upcoming chance to make a statement. "I am going to dish it out against Robert Guerrero on this one," Mayweather recently said. "I have young guys who are really pushing me in the gym for this fight," He said, and by the shiner under his right eye those young sparring partners may be getting the best of the old dog and perhaps the big fight will prove the days are numbered for this professional since 1996.

Guerrero, who is 30, compared his upcoming fight with Mayweather to a Bible story."I look at myself as a modern-day David and Floyd is Goliath," said Guerrero. "Armies feared Goliath, and David walked out with a slingshot and some pebbles." Mayweather is the odds on favourite seven to one to win.

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