Online Bingo More Fun Than Ever

Published Friday, August 02, 2013 -
Online Bingo More Fun Than Ever

The games people love to play just keep getting better and one of those that games has always included a social aspect. Bingo doesn’t disappoint it is growing and sees no signs of slowing down. Its popularity is up there with the lottery when it comes to betting activity. It is generally low risk with a lot a fun, social and simple to play.

Paddy Power the giant gambling services firm from Ireland sees the massive potential in the game of Bingo. Bingo has become a way for people to gather, relax, socialise and win some prizes. The expanded use of the internet and advancing smartphone technology have contributed to online bingo’s growth in popularity. It has gained the position at the top as the most popular pastime for women of all ages in the UK. Bingo has a long history in the United Kingdom originating back to Italy as early as the 1500s where it quickly travelled from Italy throughout Europe and became hugely popular.

In the United Kingdom, bingo goes back to as early as 1716, during the reign of Elizabeth I. It was initially targeted toward the wealthy, but quickly became popular among all classes. Paddy Power however launched its online bingo back in 2009 and found the popularity grow in excess of all expectations. The fact that bingo players are able to play at various levels and a wide variety of styles to choose from makes the game of bingo on the net better than ever.

The social aspect is maintained too on the Paddy Power with an online chat room available so regular groups of players can stay in touch. Paddy Power is launching a new advertizing campaign nationally to bring its offering of an excellent web product with a fun advertising campaign to show us how to have the time if your life playing bingo on the web.

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