National Hockey League Early Online Gambling Odds

Published Saturday, November 02, 2013 -
National Hockey League Early Online Gambling Odds

The National Hockey League is a complicate tournament that captures many a punter during the long cold winter season in North America. The game of hockey is considered Canada`s national sport with the cold winters and long nights it provides exciting entertainment.

The first attempts to regulate competitive ice hockey matches came in the late 1880s. Before then, teams competed in tournaments and infrequent challenge contests that prevailed in the Canadian sports world at the time.

With this year`s 2013-2014 season just getting underway the time to start betting is now with the long odds giving the punter an advantage if they start early. Last season’s Stanley Cup champions the Chicago Blackhawks are considered by many as favorites to win again this season. Most of the bookies are also given the best odds to the Blackhawks of 11/2 and 13/2, but almost as many are providing the same odds for the Pittsburgh Penguins who are the biggest contenders to take the win this season. Competition in the Eastern Conference is strong this year, but the Penguins are still favorites to win it with odds of 9/4, but only slightly over the Boston Bruins with odds 7/2. In the Western conference the San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues follow the Blackhawks close behind but fans of the Colorado Avalanche team close getting odds of 7/1.

Online bookies are giving the game lots of coverage with most online sports betting operators competing for the punter`s business. The league has had many up and downs with lock outs and strikes hampering the leagues success. All and all the fans are still interested in the game with the Toronto Maple Leafs still are making the most money even though they hasn`t won a Stanley cup since 1967.

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