New Jersey Online Gambling Ramps Up Efforts To Protect Youth

Published Monday, December 02, 2013 -
New Jersey Online Gambling Ramps Up Efforts To Protect Youth

The introduction of online gambling in New Jersey has caused some to be concerned that the technical wall that keeps underage gambling form occurring may not be strong enough. The fact that the youth of today are more tech savvy than the older and supposedly more responsible demographic has parents cringing at the thought of their children blowing their college funds on internet gambling.

Suffice it to say there definitely is a certain amount of danger associated with content on the internet but with the proper guidelines and education parents should be on top of the situation. Part of being a responsible parent when it comes to gambling could mean not purchasing lottery tickets for your children as gifts or simply telling kids that gambling is an adult activity that can cause financial problems if it isn’t taken seriously and played responsibly.

Recently the New Jersey Lottery, along with the Council on Compulsive Gambling, started a campaign to discourage adults from buying lottery tickets as gifts for children, indicating such a present could lead to gambling problems for those children as they become adults.

Donald Weinbaum, Executive Director of the council commented, "Parents really can make a difference and reduce the risk of children developing gambling problems," A recent 2012 Yale University study was quoted by the organizations which found minors who received instant lottery tickets as gifts tended to begin gambling earlier in life.

The politicians are looking at all and every method of revenue generation in New Jersey which has already a commitment to gambling in Atlantic City. The ground floor opportunity for New Jersey to be an online gambling hub in America has the political powers seeing dollar signs on every computer terminal.

The concerns focus mainly on the issue of gambling addiction that state of New Jersey Lottery executives are looking to reduce. Youth will play online gambling games and it is up to the operators and the government to inform and help those who need help with gambling issues.

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