Australia's Centrebet Online Betting Negotiating with William Hill

Published Sunday, May 02, 2010 -

Centrebet has established a solid reputation in the online sports betting industry, based on some innovative offerings like Live betting, and a wide range of American and international sporting events to bet on. An Australian company, it was the first bookmaker in the Southern Hemisphere to be granted an online sports betting license. It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and they adhere to the strictest levels of security, confidentiality and fairness. All transactions are monitored digitally by the Northern Territory government in Australia.

Centrebet recently revealed the firm had received "a number" of conditional proposals for acquisition as part of a review of consolidation opportunities. The company said no agreement had been reached and discussions could take several months to conclude. Now The Sunday Times, a UK paper has reported that William Hill, the old UK betting firm ,while not the only negotiations going on with Centrebet, was ready to make an offer of more than what is the company is currently being traded at. The company's executives were said to be in Australia examining Centrebet's financial status and were unavailable for opinions on the situation. It looks as if Centrebet is a prize plum in the acquisitions department with other big time online betting operators also working on offers for Centrebet. Ladbrokes being one of them and the

Austrian online gaming firm Bwin, is thought to be interested along with other options they are considering expansion into the US. An ongoing interest in the online gambling market of Australia is why companies like William Hill want a foothold there. William Hill has moved it operations to offshore locals in order to be able to expand it's online presence as with other betting firms, a company like Centrebet looks like a perfect opportunity to enter the online gambling industry in Australia.  










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