Snooker Champion Suspended Integrity Compromised

Published Sunday, May 02, 2010 -

In a world of reality television and Hollywood magic, there are not too many events that a person can count on as the real thing that has integrity. Sports have always been subject to a certain amount of scrutiny but none like what is coming. There is a lot of money riding on the performances of various athletes and competition is strong in all ways to win and make in some cases millions along with the fame competitors look at all the advantages and drawbacks of getting to the top.

 Recently an expose of the corruption in the Cricket leagues in India pointed out how destructive illegal gambling is to the sports. What seems worse though is when a single player shows the world how eve one person cheating makes a sham of fair competition in sports. Millionaire World Snooker champion John Higgins was captured on camera shaking hands on a despicable deal to fix a string of high-profile matches after demanding a £300,000 kickback.

Deplorable and shameful as this one players actions it is not the sport of snooker that is at fault but the greed that some people suffer when they already have it all. Why anyone would ask would the 34 year old Higgins be so brazenly and without ever questioning the legality or morality of cheating for cash. Anyone that has that much disrespect for his own reputation needs to be removed from the scene and has been suspended by officials who are shocked by his downgrade of their reputations. "We will launch an immediate inquiry which will be led by former Chief superintendent David Douglas who I appointed to the board only last week. "It's a very serious matter that we will look into immediately and take firm action, " said Snooker's top official, Barry Hearn.

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