Name the 'Baby Panda Bear' Online Odds from Paddy Power

Published Tuesday, August 03, 2010 -

There are really no limits on the things and events people choose to gamble on. There are the long shot odds made on whether your son born during a FIFA World Cup year will be a player on the championship team in the far future, true story. Today in the news was an interesting animal story about a Panda the beautiful bamboo eating bear considered at extreme risk as an endangered species that just gave birth to a little Panda. Zhuyun the giant panda living at the Ya’an Reserve in the Sichuan Province in of South East China, is a media sensational in China and the world. The July 16th birth of a male Panda cub weighing 5.6 oz and 6 inches long has begun betting speculation as to what the little one will be named. In accordance with ancient Chinese traditions the 'baby panda' will not be given an official name for 100 days. The online gamblers out there are given the one hundred days to formulate their bets and get in on the action. Paddy Power, forever the entertaining book maker sees the seriousness of the naming and is offering odds on what the 'baby panda' will be called.
With about 1,590 giant Pandas living in the wild and only some 210 being kept by man the birth of this new cub has been the cause of great celebration in China and around the world.
So far the most popular picks for the 'baby panda's' name currently are Gao Gao and Tao Tao at 6/1 and 8/1 respectively, while Mei Shing and Xiang Xiang follow closely at 10/1 each. Ling Li, the panda’s father's name is significantly lower at 14/1, Wei Sheng pulls an 18/1 and Wang Wang the sort of long shot at 20/1. The really long shot is the name 'Paddy Power' at 500/1, just in case there is an Irish bookmaker fan at the zoo.

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