Aussies Out Of Control Pokie Use Turns into Online Gambling Issue

Published Friday, December 03, 2010 -

The situation surrounding online gambling in Australia has taken a number of strange twists and turns but nothing compares to the statistics that seem to pop up out of thin air regarding the gambling epidemic that supposedly has Australia in it’s grip.
Internet wagering aside from betting on sports and of course the lottery is illegal in the land down under. According to some reports Australians have placed an incredible $1 billion in bets online this year. The government is very concerned that the pokies or slot machines as most of us know them by, have created a staggering number of ‘problem gamblers’ almost 15% of players or 300,000 people are said to be addicted to or out of control slot machine users. This has caused social problems that are not being dealt with adequately by government agencies some critics advise.
The official crack down on pokies use, even to the point where authorities are asking for people who play them to be registered with fingerprinting and all kinds of other draconian measures has caused the public to go to the net and play online with same kind of passion.
At a a problem-gambling conference held at the Jupiter Casino on Australia’s Gold Coast gambling researcher Dr Sally Gainsbury told the conference, “It has been estimated that Australians will spend about $968 million in 2010 on illegal or overseas]sites. It is highly accessible, fast and can be played alone at home with just a credit card and unregulated sites provide few player-protection measures.”
Dr. Gainsbury added that gambling was “a very, very destructive problem” for many Australians and that the problem was likely to be compounded as global online gambling was set to increase from $21 billion in 2008 to $30 billion by 2012. Federal Families Minister, Jenny Macklin who also attended the conference said she will help tackle the growing online betting problem in the coming year.



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