China Increasingly Vigilant in Censoring Internet Betting

Published Monday, January 03, 2011 -

The advent of online gambling has changed the way people choose to spend their free time and of course their hard earned money. In many parts of the world the populations are not allowed to access the internet for the purpose of gambling or social networking.
China being the biggest country that censors the internet by filtering content and restricting what the internet provides. The great wall of China is definitely a remarkable edifice to the strength of the culture that built this structure in defense of its peoples well being.
In today’s world the electronic invasion is as big a threat to the society of China as the Mongols were way back when.
China has become increasingly vigilant of Internet security issues, especially the spread of pornographic and other ‘harmful’ Internet information that seriously endangers the health of minors, enable  network hacker attacks, network viruses, phishing, Internet theft, money laundering, and other criminal activities on the network that directly endanger public property.
As of November, 2010 the government has shut down more than 60,000 websites, and deleted 350 million pictures. Seven hundred and eighty five million websites were investigated in order to determine which sites contained illegal content. The authorities also investigated 13,000 illegal ads, 800 illegal “audio visual” websites and more than 150 gaming sites. Of the 4,965 criminals that were punished 1,332 received some form of criminal penalty and more than 58 received prison sentences of longer than 5 years.
Considering China’s online population has climbed to four hundred and fifty million users, the “Great Firewall of China” is doing a good job of keeping the people under control. Our world without Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or online gambling and a basic lack of choice, would seem like a cultural desert. The cry for the rights of the internet should be heard around the planet. The free world should stay vigilant and not let the freedom of information provided by the internet be eroded by political ideology.


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