'DoylesRoom' Online Poker Begins New Era

Published Thursday, February 03, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

Doyle Brunson’s name is well known in most of the poker playing circles and it has a reputation of being old school poker in tune with the new age of online gambling. When a poker room that has been very successful in establishing a safe place to place your bets the card room has decided to switch to another platform the question is begged, why.
DoylesRoom recently announced that it is switching its software platform to the Yatahay Poker Network. The reasoning being stated by the firm is to give the poker playing customer,  “a customized poker experience,” The poker room released a statement to the press which explained, “The move to the Yatahay Poker Network marks the start of a new direction for DoylesRoom, one that will give the online poker site further control of its Destiny,”
The Yatahay Poker Network reported based in Costa Rica has a small client base that has supposedly got only a hundred or so paying poker players at their peak periods.  Small and efficient sounds good for customers, with a more personalized approach there are usually fewer problems.
Fewer problems for affiliates too as confirmed  via the internet, “First off, let me assure you that your players and all affiliate payments are safe. In fact, today’s announcement means that we’ll be able to bring all outstanding payments up to date,”
Doyle Brunson himself commented on the move and the new era the company is embarking on,
"With our new software, we're able to do our own thing in terms of promotions, software features and customer service,"   Brunson continued, "For our players, that means a tailored poker experience with more rewarding promotions and incentives. I'm personally excited about what's ahead."
The update is live for new and existing players and registered and current player accounts will update automatically said the press release.

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