Iowa USA Moves Forward on Internet Poker

Published Thursday, March 03, 2011 -

The State Government Committee in Iowa USA has approved a motion to legalize internet poker for the residents of Iowa. Players must be located and sites must be hosted in Iowa. The measure, which was approved 9-6 is now headed to the full Senate. Senator Jeff Danielson, Democrat for Cedar Falls, and the measure's main proponent commented, “It provides Iowa with an adjustment (to state law) to recognize that technology is outstripping laws,”

Critics are warning that gambling expansion is out of control and Iowa and the addition of internet poker is detrimental to the social condition of Iowans. Supporters on the other hand say that there are many people in Iowa who already play internet poker at offshore web sites. Proponents of the measure feel the funds should stay in the State and taxed accordingly. The safety factor was sighted as enough reason for regulated government reviewed offerings. The state would gain tax revenues generated by the sites, which supporters say could bring up to $30 million a year.

Senator Jerry Behn, a Republican representing Boone, and a critic of the measure said the latest expansion takes gambling a step too far."This is really changing the rules in the middle of the game," Behn continued, "That's a road I really don't think I'm prepared to go down."
 In an effort to get a majority of representatives on side for this measure Senator Danielson has solicited approval from both parties. The first vote did not follow party lines primarily because the measure, is part of a bigger proposal that looks to overhaul the state's gambling laws. Danielson explained,  "I want this to be a broad bipartisan agreement,"

The Senator may have his work cut out for him looking at the past and how Iowan representatives reacted to online gambling in the past. The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was sponsored by Republicans Bob Goodlatte, of Virginia, and Jim Leach, of Iowa, who managed to get similar Bills through Congress in 2002 and 2003.








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